Zuckerberg Might Just Make Russia’s 25-Year-Old Spy Dreams a Reality

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday during an annual conference his tech company is developing a futuristic new technology, a concept the Russians may have tried to bring to fruition decades ago.

“Some of the work that we’re doing in Building 8, even further out beyond augmented reality, … includes work around direct brain interfaces that are going to eventually, one day, let you communicate using only your mind,” Zuckerberg said, admitting, though, that such “stuff is really far out.” Building 8 is Facebook’s innovation research department.

Zuckerberg’s presentation primarily focused on a preliminary augmented reality platform, showing the audience that users of its technology may soon be able to overlay a virtual world on top of the physical one. He used Pokémon Go as an example, a mobile game that places digital fictional creatures on top of the real scenery around a player.

Eventually, the “direct brain interface” (or DBI) will be embedded on their augmented reality platform, meaning communicating will potentially only require the brain . . .

Dr. Igor Smirnov, a Russian scientist at the Moscow Medical Academy, conducted substantial amounts of research on a field of human behavior he called “psychoecology.” He eventually developed an acoustic mind control device, which was claimed to be most effective for treating drug and alcohol addiction. (Read more from “Zuckerberg Might Just Make Russia’s 25-Year-Old Spy Dreams a Reality” HERE)

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