Undercover Call Shows How Easy It Is to Get a Late-Term Abortion in This US State

A shocking undercover phone call has revealed just how easy it is to get a late-term abortion in New Mexico paid for by taxpayers.

Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico released a recording the call. The groups wanted to determine what it would take to get a third-trimester abortion. They also wanted to know if Medicaid would pay for reasons other than the health of the mother, rape or incest.

The Call

Pro-life activist Tara Shaver called Southwestern Women’s Options, New Mexico posing as a mother who already had children and whose husband recently lost a job. Shaver made clear she was in her third trimester but didn’t want another child. The baby would be too expensive and be a strain on her marriage.

The clinic worker ran through a series of questions determining that neither the woman nor the child had health issues and the woman had prenatal care. Staver was then put on hold so the worker could consult with the abortionist.

After a few minutes, the clinic worker came back on the line and said the abortion could be performed. She then began describing the procedure. The abortion would take several days. The clinic worker explained that the fetus would be euthanized on the first day. The mother would then be dilated and induced. She was told that she’d still be going through labor and deliver a stillborn child.

The mother was also advised that she would need to be observed for a couple more days to recover.

Listen to the harrowing undercover phone call here:

What It Shows

Shaver said that the undercover call proves that late-term abortions are being performed even if the mother isn’t at risk. Late-term abortions are those after 20 weeks gestation. In New Mexico, late-term abortions are legal until 28 weeks. Babies can survive outside the womb as early as 23 weeks. “Our latest call dispels this myth with proof that in New Mexico late-term abortions are easy to come by.” She added that New Mexicans need to know the truth about what is happening in their state.

If that wasn’t bad enough, taxpayers can be made to foot the bill. In a separate call, Shaver told a clinic worker at Southwestern Women’s Options that she was 33 weeks along with a Down’s Syndrome baby. She was told that an abortion could be performed and that Medicaid would cover the charges.

Father Frank Pavone, a member of Priests for Life, said that most Americans do not support abortion on demand. He noted that every baby needed protection. But, “to educate our fellow citizens, let’s start with the most obvious and outrageous part of the story: Taxpayer-funded third-trimester abortions of healthy babies carried by healthy mothers.” (For more from the author of “Undercover Call Shows How Easy It Is to Get a Late-Term Abortion in This US State” please click HERE)

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