Bernie Sanders Continues Dodging Questions on FBI Investigation Into His Wife

Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” Thursday, receiving pressure from an FBI investigation into him and his wife, Jane Sanders, regarding whether the couple abused their power to commit bank fraud and secure a $10 million loan.

Sanders’ wife is accused of falsifying the loan application while serving as President of the Burlington College to secure funds for a campus expansion. The college only generated an annual endowment of $4 million, and it inevitably went bankrupt. Jane Sanders hired two high-priced attorneys last week from Washington to represent her in the case. The media largely ignored the issue during last year’s presidential primary, but The Daily Caller News Foundation closely followed the situation in March 2015.

Hayes confirmed that Bernie Sanders and his wife had retained legal counsel, and asked point blank if he had abused his senatorial power to obtain the loan.

“And do you know where that allegation came from? That allegation came from the vice-chairman of the Vermont Republican party and Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign state director,” Bernie Sanders replied. “That is an absolute lie.” (Read more from “Bernie Sanders Continues Dodging Questions on FBI Investigation Into His Wife” HERE)

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