Despite All Odds, One-Pound Baby Survives

A baby born at 22 weeks and weighing only one pound and four ounces reached stability Monday after defying the odds of surviving.

Austin Douglas of England was born so early that his skin was translucent, organs visible, and ears and lungs undeveloped. He is the first baby to be born so early, weigh so little and survive.

Now, at 10 weeks old and after surviving two lung infections, his parents — Helen and Rhys — hope to take their baby home in the next month, reported Leicester Mercury.

Most full-term babies are born around 40 weeks, which means Douglas was only half way through full development when he was born.

Despite being only part way through the length of a normal pregnancy, his mother gave birth naturally at Leicester General. (Read more from “Despite All Odds, One-Pound Baby Survives” HERE)

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