LGBT Community Celebrates 8-Year-Old Drag Queen

The bawdy, homosexuality-infused world of female impersonators is celebrating an eight-year-old Montreal boy who performs as a “drag queen” under the stage name “Lactatia.” But pro-family critics say his parents and all adults who encourage the boy to participate in the lewd shows are guilty of “child abuse.”

Thanks to “gay” media, the cross-dressing boy, Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, is becoming a social media star after appearing on stage in late May with vulgar drag queen “Bianca Del Rio” at the Montreal stop of the “Werq the World Tour.” Del Rio tells Nemis — wearing red eye-liner, lipstick, painted nails, a curly, blond wig and dressed in a black woman’s gown with sequins — that he is “[f—k—g] adorable.”

Like every other pro-family advocate shown the video of young Nemis in “drag,” Illinois Family Institute cultural writer Laurie Higgins was aghast at the specter of a young boy embracing the “drag queen” lifestyle, telling LifeSiteNews, “This is unambiguous and shameful child abuse. Through the ‘trans’ cult movement, evil is being promoted as good, and innocent women and children are the victims.”

Drag shows feature campy men dressing up as crude caricatures of women — with grotesque bouffant hairdos and gaudy dresses — engaging in catty, often sodomitic jokes slamming other “queens” and lip-syncing over-the-top impersonations of pop-culture divas like Cher and Britney Spears.

Historically an important part of “gay” culture, drag shows are now a fixture of urban entertainment, attracting both homosexuals and straights. (Read more from “LGBT Community Celebrates 8-Year-Old Drag Queen” HERE)

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