Watch: Christian Aid Worker Braves ISIS Gunfire to Rescue Little Girl in Mosul

A former special forces operative who now works as an aid worker was recently caught on camera braving the Islamic State gunfire in the open in order to save a little girl in Mosul, Iraq.

David Eubank, 56, is founder of the Free Burma Rangers, an organization dedicated to assisting pro-Democracy groups in conflict zones such as Burma or Iraq with highly trained, highly mobile, multipurpose relief teams. These teams deliver food, clothing, water, and medical care where they are dispatched and where other organizations don’t have the skill to go.

Eubank, who is also a husband and father of three, was a member of the First Special Forces Group. According to the Los Angeles Times, Eubank joined the special forces team when he was 18, but after 10 years decided that he needed “the freedom to go where God was leading.”

The Times reported that when a Burmese Bible group asked Eubank’s Christian missionary parents for help, they turned to their son.

“The Burmese said they were a warrior people, and they needed someone like that. My parents called me up and asked what I thought,” Eubank said. “I figured I could go and even if I helped only one person, at least they would be happy and I would be happy.” (Read more from “Watch: Christian Aid Worker Braves ISIS Gunfire to Rescue Little Girl in Mosul” HERE)

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