Body Language Experts Sound off on Trump-Putin Meeting

Dugan Arnett. For body-language experts, Friday was sort of like Christmas.

After months of waiting, after investigations into Russian election meddling, after considerable analysis and build-up, two of the world’s most powerful men — President Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia — finally met face to face at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Cameras, of course, were rolling for the initial greeting, and almost immediately, those who study such things say, the two began a nonverbal power negotiation.

Opinions on the interaction varied among body-language experts, but on one thing everyone agreed: For Trump, a man who has been routinely lampooned for the aggressive manner in which he shakes hands, Friday’s performance was quite out of the ordinary. (Read more from “Body Language Experts Sound off on Trump-Putin Meeting” HERE)


Body Language Experts: Trump “Completely Different” in Recent Meeting

By Chris Baynes. Donald Trump’s body language was “completely different” at his meeting with Vladimir Putin, than it was with other world leaders, according to body language experts who have analysed his meetings with other world leaders.

The US President’s awkwardly long handshakes have become infamous since he took office, with his habit of aggressively yanking other heads of state towards him. Psychologists say this is a tactical move to assert dominance. . .

Unlike in previous meetings with premiers, Mr Trump did not lean in and there was no sign of his trademark aggression.

The pair briefly shook hands for a second time at a media photo call, when the US President leaned back in his seat and refrained from pulling Mr Putin towards him.

[One expert] suggested Mr Trump was wary of appearing “chummy” with the Russian President, amid ongoing investigations into claims Moscow interfered in the US Presidential election to his benefit. (Read more from this story on body language experts and Trump HERE)

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