Drain the Scandal Swamp: Fox News’ Eric Bolling Spills Secrets on D.C.

Fox News host Eric Bolling says corruption in Washington has been around since D.C. became the nation’s capital but it’s getting worse, is a plague on both parties and President Trump is in a unique position to uproot the system.

That’s the focus of Bolling’s latest book, “The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It.”

Bolling, an unabashed Trump supporter, told WND and Radio America politicians have been corrupted by all sorts of vices since America’s founding, but he said the infusion of big-time lobbying money really changes the game into what Americans witness today.

“As more and more money got introduced, the type of scandal changed, and they all became money scandals,” Bolling explained. “Literally hundreds of billions of dollars come to D.C. on an annual basis to find a home in lawmakers’ pockets for votes. Everyone became corrupt. Everyone became up for sale.”

He said many lawmakers come to Washington with the best of intentions, but the system quickly swallows them up. (Read more from “Drain the Scandal Swamp: Fox News’ Eric Bolling Spills Secrets on D.C.” HERE)

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