Last Chance to Save Your PFD in 2017!


Final budget vote this week,Thurs. 7/27. Last chance in 2017 to restore the PFD with public pressure. Legislators have made a deal on the Capital Budget so they will vote soon…they can restore the PFD to the full amount in the final vote.

Please contact your Senator and Representative by phone and email to let them know that you want the full PFD to be restored in this Capital Budget. If you are a registered voter you can send a message to all legislators at once at Call the LIO for information on contacting legislators if you need it at 269-0111.

If the full calculation for the PFD is not put into the Capital Budget, once again, the PFD will be reduced by $1,000 as it was last year. Ask your legislators to request full funding for the dividend according to the law that established the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend in “Alaska Statute 37.13.145. Disposition of Income”.

Visit to learn about the Permanent Fund and thank you for doing your part to defend the People’s money now and for the future. Tell your friends to join with you to help, too, there is strength in numbers.