New York City Cop Killer Poured out Police Hate in Facebook Video

The man who allegedly killed a New York City police officer early Wednesday poured out his hatred of police officers in a Facebook Live video posted in September.

Alexander Bonds, 34, was the suspect in the killing of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, who was shot in the head early Wednesday as she sat in her vehicle. Bonds was later killed by police.

The profane video shows Bonds seething with hatred for law enforcement officers.

“I’m here to tell you I’m so mad as f–k,” Bonds said in the video.

“Police is f—-ts and this isn’t no gimmick … Don’t think every brother, cousin, uncle you got that gets killed in jail is because of a Blood or Crip be killing them, no it’s because police be killing them,” Bonds said.

Bonds, who also went by the name John Bonds, was released from jail on parole in 2013 after serving about seven years of his sentence for a 2005 robbery in Syracuse, N.Y.

Prior to that conviction, records show he was sentenced to prison after a 2004 conviction for selling a controlled substance near a school. He had been accused of besting up a police officer in 2001, using brass knuckles. The disposition of that case was not available Wednesday.

Bonds used the video to brag about his time in prison and his toughness.

“I wasn’t a b–h in jail and I’m not gonna be a b–h in these streets. They don’t f–k with me and I don’t f–k with them,” he said.

The video dripped with defiance of the police.

“I don’t care about one hundred police watching this s–t. You see this face or anything then leave it alone trust and believe. I got broken ribs for a reason son. We’re gonna shake. We doing something,” he said.

He ended his video with a declaration that appears as a warning in light of the shooting.

“N—-s ain’t taking it no more, Mr. Officer. I’m here to tell you man. … just keep your a– away from mine.”

Patrick J. Lynch, the head of the NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, expressed his union’s outrage.

“This kind of violence against police officers cannot stand,” he said. “We need the public’s help. When you see someone that’s making threats, doing something against police officers, you need to let us know. You need to be our eyes and ears. We also have to remember the hundreds of police officers that are here now with their heads bowed in sorrow.” (For more from the author of “New York City Cop Killer Poured out Police Hate in Facebook Video” please click HERE)

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