What’s the Truth About the Massive Iceberg That Caused a Panic This Week?

Several media outlets reported Wednesday that an enormous iceberg the size of Delaware had broken off an ice shelf in Antarctica. Politicians, journalists and others quickly associated the news with climate change . . .

Leading experts have found no direct evidence to link the event to climate change, although some within the field disagree. While many experts describe the iceberg formation as a natural occurrence, many do believe climate change caused the partial collapse of Antarctic ice shelves in recent history . . .

Scientists have monitored a rift at the Larsen ice shelf in Antarctica for years. When researchers confirmed Wednesday that a massive iceberg had formed, some in the media and elsewhere reflexively attributed the event to climate change.

But several climate scientists have pushed back against the notion that climate change caused the iceberg to form. “We’ve been surprised by the level of interest in what may simply be a rare but natural occurrence,” Adrian Luckman, glaciology professor at Swansea University, wrote in an article.

Icebergs may form as part of a regular process known as calving, which occurs on stable ice shelves every few decades. (Read more from “What’s the Truth About the Massive Iceberg That Caused a Panic This Week?” HERE)

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