1 Democrat ‘Blabbermouth’ Holds Key to Trump-Russia Fairytale

Talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh says while many Democrats now are admitting it wasn’t Donald Trump and it wasn’t Russia who “hacked” Democratic National Committee computer files during the 2016 election, the issue won’t go away because party loyalists simply can’t get past Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

He cites a recent report in The Nation that found there wasn’t any such “hack.” It had to be a “leak” from someone inside the DNC who transferred the files to a domain and format from which WikiLeaks could copy them.

“They’ve been forensically analyzing all of this,” Limbaugh said Friday. “The Nation has concluded that there wasn’t even a hack of the Democrat National Committee computer network, the servers. There was no hack. It was a leak” . . .

However, that doesn’t mean Democrats won’t continue on the warpath, Limbaugh said.

“Here’s what I think is going on: The one thing that will never be erased that they believe, the one gospel that they have is that Hillary Clinton got jobbed. … They think that Hillary’s campaign was sabotaged. That will never change. What is changing, after all of this time these people are having to admit there isn’t any evidence for what the media and the Obama embed deep state people have been trying to maintain for the last seven or eight months,” he said. (Read more from “1 Democrat ‘Blabbermouth’ Holds Key to Trump-Russia Fairytale” HERE)

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