Dems So Confused, They Have A Platoon Of Candidates Running For The Same Position

There are 11 Democrats running in the same Michigan state legislature election Tuesday, continuing a trend of the party fielding a steep number candidates for certain races.

The seat is in a strongly Democratic district, meaning whoever wins the Democratic primary Tuesday is likely to claim the seat in November when the general election is held.

The state seat was made available after Rep. Brian Banks was forced to resign as part of a plea deal following his conviction on three separate felony charges. Authorities charged him after he provided false information in an attempt to secure a loan, according to the Detroit CBS affiliate.

Banks officially resigned in February, and 11 Democrats signed on to compete for his seat in the strong Democratic neighborhood of Michigan’s 1st state legislative district. (Read more from “Dems So Confused, They Have a Platoon of Candidates Running for the Same Position” HERE)

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