Hurricane Survivor Rips CNN for ‘Exploiting’ Flood Victims

The desperation in Houston is heartbreaking and palpable after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation and flooding, and a stunning CNN interview with a flood victim is leaving many viewers in horror at the distressing circumstances there Tuesday.

A Houston mother who fled Hurricane Harvey and rising water in her home managed to reach a shelter Tuesday with her young daughter, a child who appears to be about 9 years old.

When CNN reporter Rosa Flores spotted the mother, Danielle, she asked how the family ended up at the shelter. That’s when Danielle explained that she and her daughter had been waiting for someone to rescue them from their home, but no one showed up. So they braved the floods and managed to get to a nearby gas station, where a rescuer arrived and helped them out.

“We had been there for five days with no food, no lights, and nobody came,” Danielle explained. “We [had to] go through four feet of water to get them food on the first day. Yeah, that’s a lot of s–t.”

Then she unloaded on CNN and Flores, blasting them for exploiting flood victims “during their worst times.” (Read more from “Hurricane Survivor Rips CNN for ‘Exploiting’ Flood Victims” HERE)

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