Prison for the Wrong Pronoun?

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson took on a Democratic strategist who supports a California bill that would sentence elder care workers to jail time for addressing transgender residents by the wrong pronoun.

Carlson debated Robin Biro, who supports the bill that was authored by Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco. He challenged Biro right out of the gate, starting the interview by saying the bill “doesn’t sound very American” because it could send people to jail for saying something others don’t want to hear.

“You can be put in jail for saying what you think is true,” Carlson said. “This bill criminalizes free speech.”

Biro repeatedly skirted around the direct issue of potential imprisonment of employees for the use of a different pronoun than a patient prefers, and instead tried to emphasize other aspects of the bill, such as its prohibition for care providers to deny treatment to someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

When he finally addressed the free speech issues with the bill, he called the intentional misuse of pronouns toward transgender people “abuse” and compared it to former first lady Michelle Obama being called a man. (Read more from “Prison for the Wrong Pronoun?” HERE)

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