Sick Twist: American Left Is Now Part of Fascism

We hear the word “fascist” a whole lot these days: Trump is a fascist if not a Nazi; the Republican Party is the fascist party. As for the left, the Democrats, they present themselves as the anti-fascists, the people fighting fascism. We can see this in the names of leftist groups like Antifa, which stands for anti-fascism.

Yet, when we look around and we see the Democratic and leftist protesters who are disrupting the inauguration, who are organizing violent rallies around the country, who are stopping campus speakers from speaking – these are people who seem to be using fascist and Nazi tactics. The masked Antifa thugs carrying weapons seem eerily similar to the fascist Blackshirts and the Nazi Brownshirts.

So isn’t it strange that the people purporting to fight fascism resemble the fascists in shutting down speech and disrupting democratic debate through the use, or threats, of violence? We need to look at fascism more closely and ask: Is fascism really a phenomenon of the left or of the right?

Let’s begin with remarkable statement by Adolf Hitler in a 1927 speech. “We are socialists,” he said. “We are the enemies of today’s capitalist system of exploitation and we are determined to destroy the system under all conditions.” Does that sound like Donald Trump? Actually, it sounds a lot more like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders . . .

In ideology and in tactics, the American left today is the party of fascism. The only difference is that it denies its true pedigree. Their big lie is to blame their own sins on Trump and the Republicans. In a sick twist, the real fascists in America pretend to be anti-fascists and accuse the true anti-fascists of being fascists. (Read more from “Sick Twist: American Left Is Now Part of Fascism” HERE)

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