Trump ‘May Not Run’ Again as Republican

With all sorts of disarray in the Republican Party and little progress in advancing its agenda, conservative powerhouse Rush Limbaugh is now wondering if President Donald Trump will run for re-election as a member of the GOP or create his own political party, perhaps known as the Trump Party.

Limbaugh says it’s more than obvious Republican leaders in Congress are not interested in helping Trump’s objectives . . .

“He’s sitting up there, and he’s not an idiot. He can see that the Republican Party is his primary obstacle,” said Limbaugh. “He knows this. It’s not the Democrats. The Democrats are doing what they would be expected to do.”

“What’s unexpected is for them to be joined by Republicans. So what does he do? Does he remain a Republican? Does he go independent? Does he come up with a Trump Party?”

“Does he run as a Republican or does he say, ‘This party isn’t going to exist. This party is killing itself. This party is eating itself. This party is committing suicide. I’m not gonna be a part of it.’?” (Read more from “Trump ‘May Not Run’ Again as Republican” HERE)

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