Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments

LGBT rights groups have raised alarm at the fact that the Trump administration is in the process of finalizing a policy that would rescind an Obama-era healthcare rule that opponents say requires hospitals, doctors and health insurers to cover or provide gender transition therapies and procedures.

The Hill reports that the Department of Justice is reviewing a proposed rule that has already cleared the Department of Health and Human Services that would rescind an HHS mandate instituted in 2016 that bars healthcare providers and insurers who receive federal tax dollars from denying treatment or coverage to patients on the basis of gender identity.

This mandate meant that procedures and services offered by hospitals and doctors to nontransgender patients for medical reasons — such as a hysterectomy — must be offered to transgender individuals if deemed “medically necessary.”

The rule was challenged in court by five states and organizations like the Christian Medical and Dental Associations and the Franciscan Alliance, which represent over 17,000 physicians. The lawsuit claimed that the rule would force doctors and hospitals to “perform controversial and sometimes harmful medical procedures ostensibly designed to permanently change an individual’s sex — including the sex of children.”

Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that the law would require faith-based hospitals and doctors to perform procedures for the purpose of sex reassignment even if they feel such acts would violate religious or moral convictions. (Read more from “Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments” HERE)

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