Video of Shooting of Barcelona Terrorist ‘Beyond Freaky’

Spain became the latest European country to experience the evils of terrorism this week, as 16 people were killed in three separate terror attacks, 13 of them on the street when a van plowed into a crowd in Barcelona. Even then, things could have been much worse; CNN reported explosives that could have been used to amplify the destruction the terrorist caused.

Now, video has emerged of what one of the attackers did during the attack in the city of Cambrils, and it’s beyond evil.

According to the New York Post, the video shows the man getting up and taunting police after he was shot, smiling and yelling all the while.

The video was taken by Fitzroy Davies, a judo instructor who witnessed the attack in the Catalonian beachside town.

“It was like watching a horror film, particularly when he jumped back up after being shot and started laughing at the police,” Davis told the Express and Star. “I can’t get that out of my mind. He must have been on something after taking that many shots.”

The video is below. Warning: It is extremely violent.

“We were sitting at the beach bar having something to eat when some girls ran in with fear on their faces and I saw people running down the street,” Davies said. “I got up and saw a guy standing on the grass at the edge of the beach about 25 feet away. He had something that looked silvery over his body which could have been a suicide vest and was holding something in his hand. I don’t know what it was but it did the job. It made everybody fearful and people started running away but I didn’t.”

Davies said that there were 10 shots, but even that couldn’t take down the terrorist — whose other-worldly, evil behavior could only be described with the word “satanic.”

“They were backing off and he was smiling at them as he charged towards them. He was behaving strangely, like he was on drugs,” Davies said. “Ranting and raving as he went up and down the street. Then they fired again and he fell down. This time he stayed down.”

The gunman was one of five individuals killed by police in the attacks in Cambrils, which killed one civilian.

This is a kind of evil that Europe has seen far too often these past few years. Sadly, Spain isn’t even the latest terror attack to hit the continent. Saturday morning, at least two were killed in the Finnish city of Turku after an 18-year-old Moroccan man stabbed them in what police are calling a terrorist incident.

If Europe cannot find a way to secure itself from the scourge of terrorism, the visage of evil will make itself known a lot more frequently — and likely in a more deadly fashion than we saw this week. (For more from the author of “Video of Shooting of Barcelona Terrorist ‘Beyond Freaky'” please click HERE)

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