Yes, Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Worse

WaPo “conservative” pines for Hillary … I’ve written about the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin time and time again. She’s a left-coast liberal who moved east and has pretended to be a conservative for years. Well, she just showed how liberal she is by tweeting: “Those people who said HRC would have been worse were really, really really wrong.”

It’s just a movie, folksUSA Today just ran a story talking about how “Twitter” thinks Bruce Willis’ new remake of “Death Wish” is “alt-right.” Everything you don’t like that may show men being men isn’t “alt-right.”


It means you’re a coastal elite … The media is really confused about Trump aide Stephen Miller using the word “cosmopolitan” as a pejorative against CNN’s Jim Acosta. It’s pretty simple: It means he has a coastal elite bias. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out. Does that mean the folks at Politico don’t have half a brain? Probably …

Guys, he’s Jewish … The most bizarre take on CosmopolitanGate was from Politico Magazine, where former TV guy Jeff Greenfield wrote about “The Ugly History of Stephen Miller’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ Epithet.” You guessed it, guys, according to Greenfield, “the insult has its roots in Soviet anti-Semitism.” Get it? Miller and the White House are anti-Semites. Except, well, Miller is Jewish.

Speaking of cosmopolitan … The NY Daily News’ Shaun King wants readers to think that NFL owners not signing Colin Kaepernick is a “fundamental abuse” of the ministry of Jesus Christ. He said it’s “un-Christian.” No, really, he did. NewsBusters has the story.

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