2018 Could Be the Year Incumbents Are Shown the Door in a ‘Trumpian Manner’

[Editor’s note: We’re posting this story to show how the Establishment continues to hide its players in plain site. The Senate Conservatives Fund has CONSISTENTLY ignored the only true anti-Establishment candidates in virtually every race – except when they have no choice. If they’re genuine, they are incredibly inept and lacking conviction. They elect the very people who have left Obamacare in place. Never give to groups like this; they perpetuate the swamp. Rather, direct your dollars to the candidates themselves]

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is battling the Republican establishment and the Washington swamp President Donald Trump promised to drain by leading the Senate Conservatives Fund.

The Republican failure to repeal Obamacare was “a vote a whole election can turn on,” Cuccinelli told The Daily Caller News Foundation in this exclusive video interview. Republicans’ broken promises are causing a pronounced riff that jeopardizes a growing number of Republicans seeking re-election next November. Should they support the Trump agenda or vote with the sinking popularity of the Republican leadership and Washington establishment?

The dangers in the current political environment for the Republican establishment are now “opportunities” for scrappy groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund, whose supporters get most animated for defeating incumbents who won’t keep their promises once elected.

Cuccinelli seeks to find the rebels most able to defeat a content-free Republican. He says 2018 just may become the midterms where a large swath of incumbents are shown the door in a “Trumpian manner.” (Read more from “2018 Could Be the Year Incumbents Are Shown the Door in a ‘Trumpian Manner'” HERE)

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