Benham Bros Reveal Secret to Ending Abortion and Gay ‘Marriage’ in America

Christians who grew up thinking about a candle’s light when singing “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” have entirely the wrong idea about what it truly means to be a Christian light shining in the world, said the Benham brothers in a recent talk.

The identical twin brothers, speaking at the LifeSiteNews 20th anniversary Gala recently in Herndon, Virginia, said that most think of a candle’s flame when singing the lines from the song about not letting Satan “blow it out.”

But Christian faith, they said, is not meant to be extinguished when faced by the winds of opposition, but to become more inflamed. That’s why the image of a candle in the song needs to be replaced by the image of a coal, they said.

“You see, the same wind that extinguishes the candle’s light ignites the coal’s light,” said Jason . . .

Jason quoted from the prophet Jeremiah (20:9) who called the word of God in his heart a blazing “fire” that could not be contained inside himself. (Read more from “Benham Bros Reveal Secret to Ending Abortion and Gay ‘Marriage’ in America” HERE)

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