Can Feds Stop Pro-Lifers From Being Forced to Promote Abortion?

The federal government is being asked to rein in state and local demands that pregnancy centers and others promote abortion, even if they have religious objections to the destruction of unborn children.

The dispute popped up in a number of states after pro-abortion state lawmakers and other regulators decided that everyone must promote abortion and set up a requirement that pregnancy care centers do just that.

But that demand, contends the Alliance Defending Freedom, is unconstitutional.

The organization revealed Tuesday it has filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over the cases in Illinois and Hawaii.

The organization confirmed the federal Church and Weldon amendments do not allow states that receive federal funding “to compel medical personal to operate contrary to their conscience or religious beliefs.” (Read more from “Can Feds Stop Pro-Lifers From Being Forced to Promote Abortion?” HERE)

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