DACA Timing – President Trump Is Probing, Testing, Gauging, Timing for ‘the Big Ugly’

President Trump announced a decision on DACA will be Tuesday. Will this finally begin the “Big Ugly” confrontation? Possibly, but one thing is certain, right now he’s probing.

CTH is not a seer of Donald Trump, and anyone who would claim they are should be necessarily dismissed. President Donald Trump is the only entity who knows specifically what he’s going to do in the moments leading up to what he’s going to do; no-one else. However, that said, CTH does have a pretty good sense of what evaluation processes Trump takes prior to action. There are indications Tuesday might be the day.

There is one political enterprise within Washington DC and national politics. There is only one enterprise. That enterprise is the UniParty. There is only one political party in Washington DC, with two internal caucuses – Republicans and Democrats.

The “Big Ugly” is the moment when President Trump decides to rip the masks off the remnants of the Republican wing of the UniParty within Washington DC. In many ways the “Big Ugly” is the elimination of the Republican party, and the beginning of an era when a second party, a MAGA party, actually enters the blood stream of U.S. politics and stands against the UniParty.

The confrontation is inevitable. It has been inevitable since the entire GOPe apparatus, including every single GOPe candidate within the 2016 Republican primary, stood up against Donald J Trump. Candidate Donald Trump held an entirely different series of campaign platform issues the Republican apparatus abhors. That’s why he won, and they didn’t. (Read more from “DACA Timing – President Trump Is Probing, Testing, Gauging, Timing for ‘the Big Ugly'” HERE)

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