Father’s Day Ad Banned From TV in Australia for Being ‘Too Political’

An ad promoting Father’s Day in Australia, which takes place on September 3 every year there, was pulled from TV after the industry group that represents commercial free-to-air networks took it down for being too “political.”

News.com.au reported on that the ad, which was sponsored by a Christian group called Dads4Kids, was taken down from TV in the leads-up to the same-sex marriage vote. The ad was also removed from social media channels for “security reasons.”

FreeTV informed Dads4Kids that the annual Father’s Day ad, which features a father singing his daughter a lullaby, would be banned from being broadcasted because it “likely contained political manner.”

Dads4Kids previously campaigned against same-sex marriage and advocated for “gay cure” therapies, but said it denied any plans to enter the same-sex marriage debate this time around. In 2014, the group aggressively lobbied against LGBT rights in Australia. At the time, it described gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender relationships as “gender disorientation pathology” and called for a form of gay conversion therapy. (Read more from “Father’s Day Ad Banned From TV in Australia for Being ‘Too Political'” HERE)

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