French Police Officers Injured During Clashes With Migrants

Three police officers were injured during clashes with migrants Saturday by the French port of Calais.

Calais has become a hotspot for migrants who want to make it to the United Kingdom through the Eurotunnel. Migrants frequently attempt to hijack trucks on the motorway and many “took advantage of the bottleneck to board a few trucks,” according to local deputy police chief Jean-Philippe Vennin.

“Our British colleagues had opened only nine out of 14 lanes this weekend though we expected 9,000 vehicles in the Eurotunnel and 7,500 at the port,” Vennin told AFP.

Police used tear gas to stop migrants and three police officers were reported injured. Police did not comment on whether any migrants were hurt during the clashes. (Read more from “French Police Officers Injured During Clashes With Migrants” HERE)

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