Group Fundraises for Texans’ Abortions – No Money for Hurricane Relief

A Texas-based non-profit has created an “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors,” a fundraiser focused on collecting funds for women who seek abortions in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The Lilith Fund “funds abortion and advocates for change through the movement for reproductive justice,” according to its mission statement. On Thursday, the group’s official Facebook page posted a graphic of Houston reading, “Join us in supporting Harvey survivors seeking an abortion but cannot afford it.” The post included a link to where users could donate money to assist displaced women obtain abortions.

Amid the devastating destruction of Hurricane Harvey, many different organizations, businesses, and individuals have raised millions of dollars to assist in aid, rescue, and relief efforts. President Donald Trump announced Thursday he would donate $1 million of his own money to the cause . . .

The Lilith Fund has chosen to focus its funding elsewhere amid emergency relief efforts.

While the organization’s social media post explained the donated funds would “assist displaced women obtain abortions,” the donation page says simply that it is an “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors.” There is no mention of abortions or that the donated money will be used to fund abortions. (Read more from “Group Fundraises for Texans’ Abortions – No Money for Hurricane Relief” HERE)

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