Hillary Says Media Coverage Is ‘Biased’ Against Democrats

The former Democratic Party presidential nominee actually believes most media coverage is biased against Democrats . . .

linton made her argument Tuesday during a “Pod Save America” podcast, which is put on by four former aides to President Obama: Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovette and Tommy Vietor. She claimed Democrats are at a “disadvantage” when it comes to news reporting.

“I think we are facing a couple of very difficult obstacles,” she said. “First, the other side has dedicated propaganda channels. That’s what I call Fox News. It has outlets like Breitbart and crazy Infowars and things like that. In this particular election, it was aided and abetted by the Russians and the role that Facebook and other platforms played. We are late to that. You know, we did not understand how a reality TV campaign would so dominate the media environment. And I confess, I was trying to do everything I could to build on the success of President Obama’s campaign. I had a lot of people you guys know involved in the campaign. We were really proud of it, but boy it was tough to break through.

“So I think the Democrats can do a lot, but they are still going to face a very difficult media environment. And we’ve got to figure out how we’re going to break through. I mean, obviously, more podcasts, more other ways of communicating so voices can be heard and real positions can be understood is part of it. But we’re still at a disadvantage.” (Read more from “Hillary Says Media Coverage Is ‘Biased’ Against Democrats” HERE)

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