Muslim Writers Say Irma Is Allah’s Revenge

A number of Arab leaders in the Middle East attacked the United States following Hurricane Irma, claiming the storm was punishment from Allah for the nation’s political policies, but now some fellow Arabs have come to America’s defense, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The storm that ravaged Caribbean islands before hitting Florida left behind a death toll in the state of more than two dozen and billions of dollars in property damage.

Several Arab writers immediately claimed the storm was Allah’s revenge, according to researchers at the Middle East Media Research Center, who monitor, analyze and report on media in the region.

MEMRI many on Arab social media expressed delight in the disaster, “calling Irma divine punishment for the U.S. administration’s policy vis-à-vis the Arab and Muslim countries.”

For example, Lebanese imam Sheikh Mus’ad Najem tweeted: “America, with all its power, its people, its iron, all its institutions, and its capabilities, is helpless before a storm – as if Allah were avenging all those who lost their relatives.” (Read more from “Muslim Writers Say Irma Is Allah’s Revenge” HERE)

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