The Scandal Hillary Clinton Wants You to Forget About

Hillary Clinton’s 450-page book attempting to excuse her failed 2016 presidential campaign, “What Happened,” conveniently ignores one of the election’s biggest scandals: then-Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile’s leaking of debate questions to Clinton during the Democratic primary — a clear-cut example of DNC officials rigging the primary in favor of Clinton.

The fact that Brazile leaked questions to Clinton before two different primary debates only came out when WikiLeaks published stolen emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in October. But Clinton writes that revelation out of history in her book, which was reviewed by The Daily Caller. She dismisses reporting about the leaked emails as the media inventing a story out of nothing.

“In the end, though, most of John’s emails were . . . boring,” she claims. “They revealed the nuts and bolts of a campaign at work, with staffers debating policies, editing speeches, and kibitzing about the daily ups and downs of the election.”

“No single day was that bad, but it added up, and we could never get past it. Wikileaks played into people’s fascination with ‘pulling back the curtain.’ Anything said behind closed doors is automatically considered more interesting, important, and honest than things said in public. It’s even better if you have to do a little legwork and google around for the information,” Clinton writes, before taking a clear shot at the press over their coverage of the Podesta emails. (Read more from “The Scandal Hillary Clinton Wants You to Forget About” HERE)

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