FBI Agent Comes Forward: ‘Multiple Leads’ in US. And ‘All Across World’ in Vegas Shooting

On Thursday, FBI special agent Aaron Rouse, held a press conference to provide further details about Sunday’s shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas that left 59 dead, and over 500 wounded.

Rouse, who is in the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas division, also asked for the public’s patience in regards to the investigation.

“Additionally, we have multiple leads across the United States and all across the world for our legal industries determining the whereabouts of the panel of the people involved in this investigation, and that leads grows,” Rouse said.

“A lot of these leads will go nowhere but we have to follow them, and that’s going to take some time,” Rouse said.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo suggested at a separate press conference that there is a possibility the shooter had assistance in amassing the massive repertoire of weaponry he used during the attack.

“Do you think this was all accomplished on his own?” Lombardo asked. “You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point.”

Previously, officials had spoken to the shooter’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley in an attempt to gain more information. Yet, Rouse would not reveal whether Danley was still a person of interest.

Lambardo also suggested that he had seen evidence which could suggest the shooter intended to survive his attack.

Rouse did not comment on that speculation.

“There’s going to be questions, I’m sure you’re going to have questions about people we’ve been talking to, maybe people outside of the United States,” Rouse said.

He also offered an explanation for why he could not answer previously stated questions.

“The fundamental trust of the American people and the FBI is based upon our discretion — and how good would that discretion be if we were to provide information that they provided to us in confidence?

“This is about informing on an investigation, this is about resolving an investigation, so specifics regarding any individual contact cannot be answered.”

Rouse reiterated the importance of public trust during the course of the investigation.

“You need us, you trust us, and the way we have that trust is by using good discretion about what we share,” Rouse said.

Rouse has held his position at the Las Vegas division since September 2016.

Previously, Rouse held a section chief position at FBI headquarters, as well as leadership positions at the Tampa and San Antonio offices. In total, he has been with the FBI for more than 20 years. (For more from the author of “FBI Agent Comes Forward: ‘Multiple Leads’ in US. And ‘All Across World’ in Vegas Shooting” please click HERE)

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