LGBT Wants to Ban Sex-Change Reversal Research

A British university’s decision to abruptly cancel research into trans people who decide to revert to the sex they were born with has ignited a controversy over academic freedom and political correctness in the U.K.

Psychotherapist James Caspian found out about leftist intolerance the hard way when he proposed a research project on the topic of “detransitioning” to Bath Spa University, in southwest England.

Caspian wanted to study the growing number of people who regret their “gender reassignment” procedures. (“Gender reassignment” is the politically correct term for altering the body through surgery and hormones to appear like the opposite sex.) . . .

The British Guardian newspaper reports: “When he went back with his preliminary findings that suggested growing numbers of young people, particularly [transgender] women, were regretting gender reassignment, Bath Spa said his proposal would have to be resubmitted to the ethics committee, which rejected it.” [In this context, trans “women” are biological males who “transitioned” to look like and live as “women.” (Read more from “LGBT Wants to Ban Sex-Change Reversal Research” HERE)

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