Police Fear the Worst When Kindergarten Teacher Goes Missing After Bailing Man out of Jail

It was on Oct. 6, that an Arizona kindergarten teacher, Cathryn Gorospe, went missing after reportedly bailing a man out of the Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff.

It was then discovered that the same man, Charlie Malzahn, 27, was later caught using her credit and debit cards in a different city, suggesting to authorities something fatal may have happened to the woman.

According to reports, Gorospe had left her house to post bail for Malzahn, who had been lingering in jail since Aug. 20 on a litany of charge. She never returned home.

Malzahn was briefly detained by authorities in Tucson the following day for using Gorospe’s credit and debit cards to purchase items from a mall.

Because Gorospe’s roommate had not yet reported her missing, however, they simply confiscated the items and let him go.

However, a day after her roommate had gone to police about Gorospe’s disappearance, authorities spotted her vehicle being driven by Malzahn in Phoenix. After a brief pursuit, he crashed and was taken into custody, KESQ reported.

Though bloodstains were found in the vehicle, suggesting Gorospe had been murdered, authorities continued to refrain from reaching any conclusions due to extenuating circumstances that had muddled the case.

Besides not yet understanding the relationship between Gorospe and Malzahn, authorities were also unsure of whether her sister had been friends with him as well.

Moreover, it was reported that Gorospe is the son of the chief of police in Williams — a nearby town.

What was known for certain was that after Gorospe bailed out Malzahn, the two traveled together until some point in which Malzahn apparently commandeered the vehicle and continued driving on his own, reportedly crisscrossing the state.

It had also beenrevealed that after being bailed out by Gorospe, Malzahn had contacted some of his acquaintances in search of drugs and a gun.

A subsequent report revealed he has a lengthy rap sheet spanning roughly half of his adult life.

“Department of Corrections records show he served a one-year sentence in 2008 for theft and a four-year sentence for a 2012 aggravated assault and resisting arrest — a case he had just finished serving in June,” reported Phoenix station KNXV.

As of Oct. 12, Gorospe’s family had traveled to Arizona from California and were planning to conduct an extensive search for her.

Anyone with information was encouraged to call Flagstaff police at 928-774-1414. (For more from the author of “Police Fear the Worst When Kindergarten Teacher Goes Missing After Bailing Man out of Jail” please click HERE)

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