School Teaches Kids, Staff How to ‘Witness Whiteness’

An expensive St. Louis kindergarten-through-grade 8 school is making sure its students are aware of race from the moment their enrolled until they time the graduate.

Thanks to the “Witnessing Whiteness” program, the $17,500 per year College School actually starts the racial consciousness in pre-kindergarten, with teachers pointing out to students, for example, how “few specific shades [of crayons], ranging from beige to brown” can be used as “the skin colors of figures in their drawings.”

According to The St. Louis American, the program is part of the “school’s approach to addressing race at every educational level.” For teachers and staff, they get to participate in discussions designed to get them to “rethink” how they view race. (Read more from “School Teaches Kids, Staff How to ‘Witness Whiteness'” HERE)

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