Scrapping Obama’s Plan Means Seniors Can Eat and Have Heat

An Obama-era plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions is on its way to the regulatory scrap heap after the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday announced a repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

For Americans already struggling with much higher energy costs, the news will be welcome in many households trying to make ends meet.

“This was designed to cause electricity rates, according to [Obama] to necessarily skyrocket. So that won’t happen. The seniors, the poor on low and fixed income who had to choose between heating and eating will now, we hope, not have to,” said Christopher Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The Trump administration projects the move will result in $33 billion in avoided costs due to the proposed policy. Horner suspects the actual number is much higher.

Even though the plan was never implemented, Horner says Obama’s actions still exacted a heavy toll on blue collar America. (Read more from “Scrapping Obama’s Plan Means Seniors Can Eat and Have Eat” HERE)

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