Vegas Survivor Shares What Happened During Visit With Trump

A California teen clutched her Teddy bear while she recounted the horrible events that took place Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

Tiffany Huizar, 18, described the moments after Steven Paddock opened fire on thousands of concert-goers.

As she ran down a street trying to escape from the madness, she knew something was wrong.

“I looked under my shirt and it was all bloody,” Huizar told reporters.

She had been shot in the stomach and elbow.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors removed nine inches of her intestines in order to extract the bullet. She is one of more than 500 people that were injured during Sunday’s massacre.

However, the pain of being shot was overshadowed for a moment by a visit from President Donald Trump and the first lady on Wednesday.

When asked to describe the president, Huizar recounted that he was extremely friendly and acted very much like a “father figure.”

“He wasn’t who we see on social media,” she said. “He was much more comforting. I don’t know his tone of voice and the way he was.”

Huizar said Trump asked about her injuries and was genuinely concerned to know how she was doing.

“People have negative views about him and what he posts on Twitter,” Huizar said. “He was absolutely a different guy today.”

Huizar, who’s currently surrounded by loved ones and family, is expected to make a full recovery.

During his visit, Trump met with several other victims and first responders, saying: “America is truly a nation in mourning.” (For more from the author of “Vegas Survivor Shares What Happened During Visit With Trump” please click HERE)

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