Video Footage Appears to Confirm SECOND Shooter in Las Vegas? Probably Not . . .

(Editor’s Note: The “second shooter” theory, at least based on the videos below, is bunk. Other videos show a similar reflection on the window prior to the massacre and there’s no evidence of the window being broken below the 32nd floor. That being said, several concert-goers swear there was more than one shooter. In the din of confusion, there’s a strong possibility that they heard echoes. Please comment below on what you think.)

By Tyler Durden. Video has emerged that raises serious questions about the official authorities’ version of events in Las Vegas on Sunday night…

(This video has been removed without explanation):

But as Intelihub reports, a taxi driver found herself a little too close for comfort last Sunday night as she slowly navigated her vehicle through Mandalay Bay’s property while 59 people were massacred and 526 others were being struck by a hail of bullets.

Astonishingly, the driver managed to capture video footage of what may be a second shooter which contradicts the current mainstream media narrative which purports that only a single shooter fired from the 32 floor.

In the bombshell video, what appears to be oscillating muzzle flash can be seen emitting from a lower-level window about 7 rows over from the right (north side) of the building and fully-automatic gunfire can be heard which also appears to coincide with the muzzle flash.

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