Alaska Just Made Number 1 on a Horrible List

Sexually transmitted diseases are getting worse in the United States, increasing for the third year, with 2016 reaching an all-time high.

By PJ Media. According to the Centers for Disease Control and data analysis by, here are the ten most sexually diseased states in America:

1. Alaska
2. Mississippi
3. Louisiana
4. Georgia
5. New Mexico
6. North Carolina
7. South Carolina
8. Arkansas
9. Delaware
10. Oklahoma

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Alaska at the Top of Another Horrible List: This One for Violent Crime

By Sheiresa Ngo. Alaska wins the No. 1 spot as the most dangerous state. WalletHub researchers found this state has the most assaults per capita. In addition, FBI crime statistics revealed among cities with 100,000 people or more, Anchorage, Alaska, has some of the highest reported crime, with 1,692 violent crimes, nine murders, 326 robberies, 6,853 property crimes, and 1,055 aggravated assault cases in 2016. (Read More from this story about the top violent crime states HERE)

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