Ben and Jerry’s Welcomes Refugees on Ice Cream

It’s hard to keep track these days of the myriad instances of left-wing messaging that are pushed and promoted through our pop culture.

In an effort to justify their own hysteria during the presidency of Donald J. Trump, liberal influencers have made their creations and words more blatantly political, and even aggressive, toward those with whom they don’t see eye to eye . . .

Take Ben & Jerry’s, for example.

The company has not only put out multiple anti-Trump statements through its website and other public statements — it’s even produced packaging for some of its ice cream with a graphic that clearly reads, “Refugees Welcome.”

That’s right. Just as you’re looking to unwind from the day’s political frenzy and grab yourself a treat, you’re faced with yet another example of personal politics and platform pushing. (Read more from “Ben and Jerry’s Welcomes Refugees on Ice Cream” HERE)

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