Former Baby Parts Harvester: Planned Parenthood ‘Made Us Do the Dirty Work’

Planned Parenthood “made us do the dirty work,” an ex-procurement technician for a baby body parts harvester explained in a new video.

She outlined how Planned Parenthood profited from selling aborted baby parts to StemExpress, and how a nurse was reprimanded for throwing out fetal remains rather than letting them be harvested and sold.

Holly O’Donnell worked for StemExpress, one of the companies that found itself in the middle of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos showing the abortion industry’s work with the baby body parts trade.

When the CMP videos first came out, Planned Parenthood claimed that the money they received from companies like StemExpress was just reimbursement for things like shipping costs.

But Planned Parenthood never shipped the body parts, O’Donnell testified in this new video. StemExpress handled all aspects of the fetal organ harvesting process: getting patients to consent, dissecting fetuses, packaging organs, and shipping them off via FedEx. (Read more from “Former Baby Parts Harvester: Planned Parenthood ‘Made Us Do the Dirty Work'” HERE)

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