Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check, Gets Rewarded in Huge Way

On November 14, a successful business woman from New Haven thanked a homeless man, who returned a $10,000 check she had dropped in the street, by giving him money and entrance into her real estate school, free of charge.

But, Wednesday morning, another surprise awaited the homeless man. The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce played hist to some true thanks giving.

“He has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen,” said Dr. Roberta Hoskie, who was about the change the homeless man’s life . . .

Hoskie reminded Mr. Alvarez she will pay for his real estate course through her school and English language classes. Then, an unexpected gift.

“You don’t have to worry about being in the cold,” she told Alvarez. “We have housing for you.” (Read more from “Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check, Gets Rewarded in Huge Way” HERE)

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