Melania Responds to Alec Baldwin’s Claim She ‘Loves’ Insulting Trump Impression

Actor Alec Baldwin said this week that first lady Melania Trump “loves” his impression of her husband, President Donald Trump, but the first lady publicly denied his claim.

Baldwin, who has portrayed Trump on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” regularly over the past year, told WNBC‘s Brian Lehrer Monday that he heard from a reliable source about a surprising fan of his.

“Here’s a scoop I have for you,” Baldwin told Lehrer.

Baldwin reportedly said a person “who is friends with someone in the White House or formerly in the White House” told him that Melania Trump “loves” his take on the president.

The caricature is an accurate reflection of what Trump is like behind closed doors, Baldwin claimed.

He said Melania Trump “told this person very high up in the White House brass there that that’s exactly what he’s like.”

Baldwin went on to claim her opinion of his impression has caused strife within the first family.

“Apparently Trump is horrified and beside himself that his wife actually thinks it’s funny,” he said.

However, in an email to Newsweek, Melania Trump’s communications director questioned the accuracy of Baldwin’s claim.

“That is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to go with his bizarre assertion,” Stephanie Grisham wrote.

As for the commander in chief, it has been clear on multiple occasions that he is not impressed with his “SNL” sendup.

Late last year, shortly after Baldwin began depicting Trump on the program, the president offered his take on the parody.

During Monday’s interview, Lehrer mentioned rumors that a January broadcast in which former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is portrayed as the real president was responsible for expediting Bannon’s ouster.

Baldwin suggested the reaction could allow the late-night parodies to have a real impact within the West Wing.

“So whoever we want to get rid of, we need to elevate them above Trump,” he said. “That’s a wonderful thing.” (For more from the author of “Melania Responds to Alec Baldwin’s Claim She ‘Loves’ Insulting Trump Impression” please click HERE)

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