Documents Prove Obama Used ‘Illegal Propaganda’ on Americans

By Bob Unruh. The Obama administration admitted in newly obtained documentation that it used illegal propaganda to try to persuade the American people to adopt its views on environmental issues, according to the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch.

“The Obama EPA knowingly did an end run around federal law to push another Obama environmental power grab,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Monday.

“These documents show how these Obama-era bureaucrats seem to be more like social activists than public employees. Let’s hope President Trump does some major housecleaning at the EPA,” Fitton said.

The organization posted online hundreds of pages it obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency in a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Obama’s EPA moved to grab authority over waters nationwide with its Waters of the U.S. rule. The regulation essentially granted the Washington bureaucracy authority to monitor, control and protect just about any accumulation of water, including temporary rivulets from rain storms. (Read more from “Obama Used ‘Illegal Propaganda’ on Americans” HERE)

Federal Records Prove Illegal Use of Social Media by Obama Administration

By Judicial Watch Press Room. Judicial Watch obtained 900-pages of documents from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which reveal the agency’s use of the mass-sharing Thunderclap social media platform to covertly promote its policies in violation of federal law.

The documents show that EPA staffers, via the Thunderclap platform, recruited outside groups to lobby in support of the Clean Water Rule or “Waters of the United States.” Thunderclap shares member messages across multiple Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts simultaneously.

Federal law prohibits agencies from engaging in propaganda, which is defined as covert activity intended to influence the American public. Federal law also prohibits agencies from using federal resources to conduct grassroots lobbying to prod the American public to call on Congress to act on pending legislation.

The EPA’s Director of Web Communications Jessica Orquina, in a September 10, 2014, email, wrote to Karen Wirth, an EPA team leader in the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, urging the covert use of the Thunderclap technology. “I don’t want it to look like EPA used our own social media accounts to reach our support goal,” Orquina wrote to Wirth.

The Clean Water Rule, now in the process of being repealed by the Trump administration, was a significant and legally controversial increase in federal authority over streams and other small bodies of water. (See more from this presser on how Obama used propaganda illegally HERE)

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