School ‘Violates Student Privacy’ With Sex Survey

A California school is being accused of violating a number of laws regarding student privacy and parental notification for allowing a reporter access to children to quiz them about their sexual activities and then publish the results, including quotes from minors.

The issue in the Fresno Unified School District was outlined in a letter the Pacific Justice Institute sent to district officials just days ago.

The student interrogations, approved by school officials, were conducted by Mackenzie Mays of the Fresno Bee.

A state law mandates medically accurate, unbiased sex education, including lessons on contraception, HIV and sexual consent, the newspaper said.

The questions included age, where students learned the most about sex, whether they were taught about abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, how to get condoms and whether they have had sex. (Read more from “School ‘Violates Student Privacy’ With Sex Survey” HERE)

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