Slap Exercise Lands Navy SEAL Candidate in Coma

Twin investigations are probing an incident at the Naval Special Warfare training complex in Coronado that left one Navy SEAL candidate in a coma.

Authorities this week said that Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents and members of the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado are reviewing an Oct. 12 mishap that occurred during a study session for the land navigation course of the Basic Under Water Demolition/SEAL training program, or BUD/S.

As an incentive to correctly answer questions, two sailors allegedly agreed to slap whichever one got a response wrong. BUD/S candidates typically challenge each other to perform acts of physical exertion, such as push ups, because striking another student is forbidden.

One of the candidates reportedly reeled from a slap and fell to the floor, striking his head. He was rushed to Naval Medical Center San Diego where surgeons placed him in a medically-induced coma to help heal what SEAL spokesman Lt. Trevor Davids said was an unintentional injury. (Read more from “Slap Exercise Lands Navy SEAL Candidate in Coma” HERE)

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