Unleashed! ‘Flood’ of Hollywood Sex-Abuse Survivors Ready to Talk

Hollywood Sex Abuse Survivors Now Talking

By Greg Corombos. The sexual assault accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and now actor Kevin Spacey have Hollywood bracing for a “flood” of abused actors to come forward in the coming days and name the predators who targeted them, a scandal that one activist says will reach epic proportions.

“This is big. [T]his is going to be worse for Hollywood than the church scandal was for the Vatican,” said Matt Valentinas, one of the executive producers behind the 2015 documentary “An Open Secret,” which pulled back the curtain on the sexual abuse of children in Hollywood and named many producers, agents and other figures who work with kids in show business.

The effort to unmask the predators gained even more steam Sunday, when actor Anthony Rapp accused Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances toward him three decades ago, when Spacey was 26 years old and Rapp was just 14.

Spacey said he does not remember the alleged incident but suggested in a statement that alcohol would have been a factor if something did happen. Spacey also used the statement to confirm that he is homosexual.

Valentinas told WND and Radio America that, for those in the know, the allegations against Spacey did not come as a shock. He said Spacey’s name came up in the research for “An Open Secret.” (Read more from “Unleashed! ‘Flood’ of Hollywood Sex Abuse Survivors Ready to Talk” HERE)


Homosexual Community in Uproar of Spacey Telling the Truth About Gayness

By AMY B. WANG and ELAHE IZADI. His late-night statement outraged many, particularly in the LGBT community, who accused Spacey of trying to deflect from a serious accusation – making a sexual advance on a minor – by coming out and implying that it was his choice to be gay.

Even worse, they said, was the implication that the two might be related in any way.

“Kevin Spacey has set gay rights back fifty years by a) conflating homosexuality with” Rupp’s allegations, one Twitter user said, “and b) Saying that being gay is a ‘choice.’” (Read more from this story about Hollywood Sex Abuse HERE)

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