Woman Rejects Marriage Proposal, Gets Brutally Murdered

A 34-year-old Berks County man is accused of killing a 19-year-old girl earlier this week after she told him “no” when he asked her to marry him.

Christopher Ryan Tucker, 34, of Albany Township, allegedly confessed to the crime when he was arrested in Illinois Wednesday night.

Authorities say Tucker fled Pennsylvania after committing the murder earlier this week. His car broke down in Illinois and authorities say he then attempted to steal a motorized combine from a farm. The farmer was on the property and called authorities.

After being arrested in Illinois, Tucker was reportedly the one who alerted authorities there had been a heinous crime committed at his home in Albany Township, Pennsylvania . . .

Trooper Beohm says 19-year-old Tara Serino, of Lehigh County, was strangled, with her neck snapped, her eyes popped out, and beaten with a hatchet. Tucker admitted to all the details, according to police. (Read more from “Woman Rejects Marriage Proposal, Gets Brutally Murdered” HERE)

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