Ex-CIA: Trump Should Just Pardon Everyone

A former CIA analyst who now advises from his post as senior vice president for policy and programs at the Center for Security Policy says the “Russian investigation” is just a bunch of fabrications – and President Donald Trump should just pardon anyone involved and be done with it.

Fred Fleitz appeared on Fox News this week to explain his inside-the-Beltway take on the so-called Russian “dossier” about Donald Trump, Robert Mueller’s agenda and more.

“The Democrats paid for this dossier, the purpose of which was to set off an FBI investigation,” he explained. “The Trump campaign is made up of outsiders. They’re likely to get caught up in this investigation. After all, when Michael Flynn talked to the FBI, he didn’t have an attorney with him,” he said.

“These last-minute policy decisions by the Obama administration to sanction the Russians? I think it was bait,” he continued, citing Obama’s bottom-of-the-ninth decisions to act against Russia, just as the Trump administration was preparing to take over.

“It was bait to get Trump officials to do something. I think they were being monitored by intelligence agencies. They were looking for evidence to get the Trump transition team with, because I think this was all a trap by the Democrats. If this can be established, I think President Trump should pardon everyone, and I think that’s what Republicans on the Hill should be calling for,” he said. (Read more from “Ex-CIA: Trump Should Just Pardon Everyone” HERE)

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