Huckabee Reveals His Christmas ‘Naughty and Nice’ Lists

To get into the Christmas spirit, Mike Huckabee offered his “naughty and nice” list for 2017.

The former Arkansas governor said 2017 has been quite eventful.

Huckabee said his “naughty list” is led by several federal agents who have come under scrutiny for their alleged actions in regard to the Clinton email probe and special investigation into President Trump.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Agent Peter Strzok and Department of Justice employee Bruce Ohr led Huckabee’s naughty list.

McCabe is suspected of being the “Andy” mentioned among the thousands of texts between Strzok and his mistress – also a federal employee – in which the two discuss an “insurance policy” against Trump being elected. (Read more from “Huckabee Reveals His Christmas ‘Naughty and Nice’ Lists” HERE)

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