ISIS Threatens Holidays in US, Europe

By CBN News. Islamic State terrorists are threatening Christmas and New Year’s attacks in major cities across the US and Europe.

The terror group has released a series of chilling posters depicting holiday attacks.

The latest show two armed terrorists with the grammatically incorrect words, “Wait for us on your year parties.” (Read more from “ISIS Threatens Holidays in US, Europe” HERE)


Christmas Returns to City Liberated From ISIS

By The New York Times. For more than two years, 300 militia fighters waited to retake from the Islamic State the Iraqi city of Qaraqosh, the country’s largest Christian enclave. Then, in October of last year, the photographer Quentin Bruno accompanied these civilians turned soldiers as they approached the city that was once home to 50,000 people. He remembered their excitement, as well as the mortars that rained down upon them, a few days after the Iraqi Army had launched the Battle of Mosul.

Hope and excitement turned to surprise as they went into town and arrived at the ruins of a church. “When we entered, nothing exploded,” Mr. Bruno explained. “Everybody was expecting booby traps everywhere.”

Some of the men lit candles, Mr. Bruno recalled, until a sniper took aim and forced them to flee to another church. Once there, he said, a poet and writer named Jamil made a cross from two pieces of wood and hoisted it aloft. (Read more from “Christmas Returns to City Liberated From ISIS” HERE)

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